About us

DESMI Ocean Guard was founded in 2009 and is completely owned by DESMI A/S today.

DESMI Ocean Guard A/S is part of the DESMI Group of companies. DESMI has subsidiaries all over the world supported by a global network of distributors and agents. Since its establishment in 2009 DESMI Ocean Guard has developed three type approved Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS), with the most recent one being the CompactClean BWMS.


CompactClean sets new industry standard for small footprint, which is of paramount importance when installing BWMS into cramped pump or engine rooms. The CompactClean system is available in various sizes, with max flowrange ranging from 135 mᶾ/h to 3000 mᶾ/h, and is available in normal and EX certified version for installation in hazardous areas.

Ballast Water Management

The mission of DESMI Ocean Guard is to:

Develop, manufacture and sell IMO and USCG certified BWMS that reliably meet the IMO and USCG discharge standards, with the lowest total cost of ownership. Provide efficient worldwide support through the global DESMI organization and our partners - all the way from engineering and planning of installation of systems, to commissioning and service of systems in operation.

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DESMI is a global company

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