Choose A Ballast Water System

Are you unsure why you should invest in our Ballast Water Management System? If so, we have here listed our 10 best reasons for investing in DESMI's CompactClean BWMS.

Simple operation without adding chemicals except for cleaning – between 0.3 – 0.7 kg citric acid per cleaning operation which can be pumped into the ballast tank or overboard after cleaning operation. Our citric acid is bio degradable, so no harm to the environment at all.

Choose “Ballast” or “Deballast” press “Start” that’s it. If you have installed VFD for your ballast pumps our system handles the entire process. When finished press stop and the system again handles the rest. Meaning the crews coming onboard the vessel will find the BWMS intuitive and very user-friendly.

Installation is very simple meaning few man hours used. Commissioning includes training of the crew.

Reason 5

DESMI has a very professional service department, DeServe, with staff close to most of the larger ports in the world.

DESERVE has a service concept where we contact you when service is required. This both for vessels sailing in only IMO water as well as vessels calling US waters with the more stringent requirements

We have our own engineering department able to assist the yard in case there should be any issues regarding installation of our systems.

We cover the full range of systems:
• Non-Ex as loose components and skid mounted
• IEX systems as loose components and skid mounted, also low skid mount for areas with limited heights
• Bulker systems giving these vessels a very price and size competitive solution
• Range from 35 – 2,500 m³/h per unit

We offer an internet-uplink solution if connected to the cloud it will allow the shipowner to follow operation of the system onboard the vessels. Our automation department will be able to carry out remote support in case there should be any issues. Meaning quick and low cost action from our side

Reason 10

Not to forget that in case you work in ports with low UVT waters DESMI will be able to assist you also with this general challenge for all environmentally friendly UV-systems




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