New White Paper: A comparison of Ballast Water Management Technologies

This white paper provides an overview of the two most prominent ballast water management (BWMS) technologies installed on today’s vessels - ultraviolet (UV)-based systems and electrochlorination (EC) systems. It offers a comparison between the two technologies and explores the benefits and challenges faced by their operators. 


Some of the highlights in the white paper are: 

  • One Operation mode vs Two operation modes
  • Holding time
  • UV treatment
  • Power consumption 
  • New BWMS code approvals 

Up until October 2019, close to 10,000 vessels — nearly 10% of the global vessel fleet—has been fitted with a ballast water management (BWM) system.
According to Clarkson’s World Fleet Register, the most common technologies for BWM are ultraviolet (UV)-based systems and electrochlorination (EC) systems.






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