June 2013

Product release - RayClean

RayClean Sets the industry benchmark with the lowest energy consumption in class! RayClean can be used in all water salinities and is a fully automatic system with flexible configuration and easy integration.

RayClean will be presented at the Nor-Shipping Exhibition in Oslo, Norway, June 4 - 7.


The RayClean system is a very strong supplement to our BWTS product portfolio which already includes the OxyClean system. Both systems are based on mechanical filtration and UV irradiation with highly efficient low-pressure lamps, but whereas a single OxyClean UV-unit can treat 100 m³/h of ballast water, the RayClean UV units can treat 300 m³/h. This makes the RayClean system more cost competitive at higher flow-rates.


All our experience and know-how have been put into the development of the system, and we are extremely pleased with the result. The RayClean system sets new standards for the industry as regards treatment performance and power consumption. When developing the system the goal was to design a unit capable of coping with extremely challenging water conditions and at the same time reduce power consumption to the lowest level in the class. This has been achieved by use of highly energy-efficient low-pressure UV lamps combined with lamp dimming in clear water (high UV-T). By monitoring the UV intensity inside each UV-unit the lamps can be dimmed when the intensity is higher than the critical level. This results in a constantly applied UV dose independent of the UV-T of the water to be treated.


In typical water conditions with UV-T higher than 0.55, the flow rate through each UV-Unit is 300 m³/h, whereas energy consumption lies within the range from 5.0 to 8.0 kWh per 100 tonnes treated water, or 15.0 to 24.0 kW power consumption for a 300 m³/h system.


In extremely challenging conditions like very muddy water and pure fresh water, type approval testing has demonstrated that the RayClean system can treat water with UV-Transmission as low as 0.33, and still satisfy both the IMO and US Coast Guard discharge standards. This is yet another industry benchmark set by the RayClean system.


RayClean operates fully automatically. The automation system will interface with the existing systems on board and the master control panel, consisting of a 15 inch colour graphic touch screen, can be placed anywhere on the vessel.

Type approval testing is currently progressing according to plan, and we expect to receive both IMO and USCG type approval early 2014.


With the latest development, we have a very strong and competitive approach to the market with two individual state-of-the-art-systems whether it is the compact and low energy consuming system, RayClean, or it is the system designed for superior performance in fresh water, Oxyclean.


DESMI Ocean Guard A/S was established by A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, DESMI A/S and Skjølstrup & Grønborg ApS in 2009. The company is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and its main activity is development of systems for removal of living organisms from ballast water discharged by ships. Such systems are required to be installed on the World Fleet according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization) Ballast Water Management Convention. It is anticipated that between 50,000-70,000 vessels need to install ballast water treatment systems in the period up to 2019, so the market potential is comprehensive.

See the video below and download the brochure here.