We strive to accommodate the needs of our customers in every way possible. We can deliver our systems in loose components for integration into existing or new vessels, or the systems can be supplied skidmounted or containerized which requires only connection to ballastwater inlet, outlet, power supply and integration to the vessel automation system.

Besides our products we also offer complete engineering including ship inspections, 3D laser scanning, preparation of drawings, prefabrication of piping, installation and commissioning. Finally, we also offer service agreements where we take care of keeping your ballast water management systems running flawlessly. Pick the package that suits your needs the best!


Ship inspections

To determine if space is available and find the best possible location for retrofit of our ballast water management systems we offer to conduct ship inspections in relation to retrofit projects. Our experienced technicians will come onboard your vessel and determine the best location and present this to you in a short inspection report. If required we can also, in association with our collaboration partners, perform 3D laser scanning of the relevant location in order to prepare a 3D CAD model of our system placed inside your vessel. This is an effective way of visualizing the proposed solution and to check for any possible collissions with existing piping, ladders, stiffeners etc.


Our experienced engineers can prepare installation drawings, diagrams and 3D CAD models. This can be done entirely by us, or we can act as supervisors for your own engineers integrating our system into your ship.


Delivery of systems

Our systems can be delivered in loose components, skidmounted or containerized. Loose components means the system will be assembled onboard the vessel, and this is often necessary for retrofit projects or for installation of large systems. Many times we deliver our systems skidmounted which is the optimum solution for newbuildings and small to medium size systems. We can also deliver the systems completely mounted inside a container, and this can be used for retrofit on container vessels or on the deck of tankers where there is no space available elsewhere.

Installation and Commissioning

Together with our collaboration partners we can take care of the installation of the systems. This will be done by a crew consisting of one of our supervisors and a crew of fitters and workmen from the yard or one of our collaboration partners. One of our technicians will always do the commissioning.


Service agreements

We will be happy to offer a complete service agreement for our systems. This includes regular inspections and maintenance work and will reduce the risk of any system downtime to a minimum.



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