CompactClean CBT

Computer Based Training.

The CBT offline training tool allows you to get familiar with how to operate the DESMI Ballast water treatment system in a controlled environment on any PC – For free.


DESMI Ocean Guard now offers a unique opportunity for customers and personnel handling the Compact Clean system. With the CBT training tool, you now have easy access to a complete training course with an inbuilt system simulation, which includes component and system descriptions and troubleshooting & maintenance manuals.

The CBT starts with a general introduction to the Ballast water treatment technology and carries over to explaining the hardware and software components of the CompactClean system. At the end of the CBT there is a simulation which allows the use of the system with some limitations.
After finishing the training session, the CBT offers a printable certificate for the user with final test results.

How to begin:

After launching the CBT the following start screen will appear with the possibilities to:

1) Start the course from the beginning
2) To jump to the system simulation
3) Or to exit the program

Choose "Start the course from the beginning" if it is your first time.

The CBT can be separated to four sections:

Section 1 is the educational part which conveys knowledge about the operation of the system.

Section 2 is the system simulation where a 3D model of the system will be shown and allows the user to freely interact with the equipment.

Section 3 is the self assessment test, where the user has to answer 12 questions and reach at least 70% correctness to get a passing evaluation. The test can be repeated up to 3 times unless the user choses to reveal the correct answers.

Section 4 is the additional material which specifically focuses on troubleshooting and maintenance.

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