CompactClean for Semi-Submersible Platforms

DESMI has experienced that at least some of the semi-submersible platforms require Ballast Water Management Systems onboard. Due to the extreme compact design of CompactClean the DESMI BWMS will be an obvious choice for semi-submersible platforms.

When having offshore drilling in water depths exceeding some 500 meters the so-called Semi-Submersible Platforms are used. Often the platforms have two pontoons with a ballast water system giving the following two modes:

• When in drilling operations the platform is partially submerged making it a very stable floating structure even in very harsh weather conditions.
• When in transport mode the pontoons are located at the water surface and the platform can be transported either by specialized surface vessels or even by own propulsion system

Choose a CompactClean solution to achieve simplicity with One Global full flow mode for the whole world.

The solution has plenty of lamp power to treat water for USCG regulations. No risk of mixing IMO and USCG treated water in the ballast tanks.


  • The smallest footprint in industry
  • Only system in the world with integrated stripping solution
  • UV unit in seawater resistant Nickel-Alu-Bronze
  • Automatic flow control and lamp dimming
  • Worldwide service network
  • Fully automated operation
  • 2 hours’ holding time on USCG TA Certificate
  • IMO type approval according to the new BWMS code from IMO
  • Graphic HMI touchscreen interface
  • Automatic generation of PDF reports to authorities
  • Short delivery time
  • Easy maintenance
  • No salinity or temperature limitations
  • Down to UV Transmission of just 40% - Also in US Territory!
  • 100% chemical free treatment

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