February 2022

DESMI Ocean Guard signs fleet agreement with ELREEDY SHIPPING, Egypt

ELREEDY SHIPPING AGENCY is devoting all efforts to maintain safe and efficient modern shipping operations for their fleet and committed to the international conventions and regulations of the United Nations (UN) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) towards safe, secure, and efficient shipping on clean oceans.


Thus, we are happy to announce that ELREEDY SHIPPING AGENCY has signed a frame agreement on the installation of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) on board their fleet - wishing to mitigate the impacts of harmful aquatic invasions, being compliant – AND reducing pollution of the marine environment.


Emad Ragab, Chartering & Logistics & Operations Manager at ELREEDY SHIPPING AGENCY confirms:


“DESMI Ocean Guard A/S will provide us with the CompactClean BWMS, which has both IMO and USCG type approval, and which is in compliance with IMO guidelines for approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (G8)”.


“We have chosen DESMI’s CompactClean system because of the very small footprint, innovative system with new features, a design that does not require complicated operations for our crew, or which needs a hard/costly planned maintenance. Finally, we have trust in DESMI to support us with after sales services like warranty, on board training, and availability of spare parts”.


The BWMS are all due for delivery between April to November, 2022 with installations going until Q1 2023.

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