From Contact to Compliance

We offer our services throughout the project

On board Survey, 3D scan and Engineering

To find the best possible location for retrofit of our ballast water management systems we offer to conduct ship inspections in relation to retrofit projects. Our experienced technicians will come onboard your vessel and determine the best location and present this to you in a short inspection report.

3D laser scanning


If required we can also, in association with our collaboration partners, perform 3D laser scanning of the relevant location in order to prepare a 3D CAD model of our system placed inside your vessel. This is an effective way of visualizing the proposed solution and to check for any possible collissions with existing piping, ladders, stiffeners etc.

When we have identified the best possible location together with you we can prepare manufacturing drawings of piping, foundations etc., and we can give you a quotation for installation of the equipment. We can also prepare the documentation, drawings and diagrams that are required for Class approval.

Equipment Supply

We can supply equipment from our Distribution centers in Denmark, China and the US. We can arrange shipment globally according to all Incoterms. Contact us to learn about our short delivery times. Do you have questions about your Delivery?


One of our DESMI Service Engineers will always do the commissioning.

Tailored to your specific needs


DESMI Ocean Guard offers various training packages for CompactClean Ballast Water Management Systems. It is of utmost importance that the crew has been familiarized with the system and has sufficient knowledge to operate and maintain the system - this ensures problem-free ballast operations.
The training can be tailored to specific needs and is available as onboard training modules or at our shore training facilities. Finally, our CBT (Computer Based Training) program is available as online modules.

reduce the risk of downtime


We will be happy to offer a complete service agreement for our systems. This includes regular inspections and maintenance work and will reduce the risk of any system downtime to a minimum.

Global Contacts

DESMI is a global company

Find address and contact information of our global locations


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