On board Survey, 3D scan and Engineering.


Assistance for installation by experienced team of engineers. To find the best possible location for retrofit of our ballast water management systems we offer to conduct ship inspections in relation to retrofit projects. Our experienced technicians will come onboard your vessel and determine the best location and present this to you in a short inspection report.


DESMI Ocean Guard can provide engineering services as an addition to the system supply. It can be an advantage to have the engineering made by the company supplying the system, as the system supplier is expert in the CompactClean BWMS and a lot of experience in integrating the CompactClean system in various vessel types. 


DESMI Ocean Guard has different engineering packages that provides different levels of engineering to cater for all needs.


Assistance for installation

Feasibility Study

- Ship inspection

- Location, space and pipeline, power etc.

- 3D laser scan

- Preliminary report

The feasibility study is chosen if you are in the preliminary phase and it is unknown to you where you have room for a BWMS system and perhaps which size of system to choose. The feasibility study contains a 3D scan of the vessel, processing of the scans, PID analysis to locate tie-in points, by-pass logic analysis and 3D concept model of the proposed layout.

All this will be presented in a report to the customer.


Without BWMS


Three levels of Engineering

Engineering Packages

- Detailed installation drawing, update of PID’s and electric diagrams

- Interfaces with existing CAMS

- Production drawings of pipespools and material list

- Output for class

The engineering packages are specialized for finding space for and integrating our CompactClean BWMS on your vessel. This includes ship inspection, development of 3D CAD drawings and generation of production drawings.

The engineering package does not include any hardware (pipes, equipment etc.), or any installation preparation work onboard the ship. 

New stability and strength calculations required by Class in case of structural modifications and/or class fees are not included.

We have designed engineering packages in different levels, which are adapted to different needs of ship-owners, but all are sufficient in order to obtain approval by class.

Level 1

DESMI Ocean Guards’ first package (Level 1) includes on board inspection and 3D scan of the designated area for installation. Collecting and analysis of data will result in a conceptual model of major components and pipe routing. The first engineering package will be delivered as a report defining basic parameters and requirements for installation of the CompactClean system and a 3D model documenting pipe routing, connections and major components.

The first package can be handed over to shipyards that accepts a 3D model as sufficient documentation for installation. Items like revised PID and location on GA will supplied as 2d deliverable.

Level 2

The next package level 2, builds on top of Level 1, but besides from the 3d model all the 2d arrangements are included which is needed for fabrication and installation on site. Level 2 will contain detailed fabrication drawings of major equipment and pipe-spools from DN50 and upwards. Detailed termination and single line electrical diagrams are included as well to make the installation simple and understandable for all shipyards.

Level 2 is the most commonly acquired package in that it provides the owner and yard with all the documentation for installing the major items and pipework, but leave some responsibility with the yard in fabricating pipe supports and cable tray routing.

Level 3

The top of the line package goes even deeper than level 2, in that all necessary pipes and supports are specified and provided with detailed fabrication drawings. Even down to DN20 pipes used for draining of the system. Where level 2 included electrical termination and single line diagrams, Level 3 includes detailed routing of cable trays and cable penetrations.

Finally a detailed installation guide is provided which will take the installer through all the steps in the installation ensuring proper fitment and ensuring a high class installation.

Level 3 is for the owners with tight docking plans, which prefer everything to be planned in advance and doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, or the gut-feeling of the installation company.

Experienced team of engineers

Review of third party Engineering

Comments and recommendations

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