BWMS Training

DESMI Ocean Guard offers various training packages for CompactClean Ballast Water Management Systems.

It is of utmost importance that the crew has been familiarized with the system and has sufficient knowledge to operate and maintain the system - this ensures problem-free ballast operations.


The training can be tailored to specific needs and is available as on board training modules or at our shore training facilities. Finally, our CBT (Computer Based Training) program is available as online modules.

Ensure a trouble-free ballast operation with

DESMI Training Packages

- On board Training, Crew change and Commissioning

- DESMI Training Facility

- CBT - Computer Based Training (e-learning)

Physical training facility

DESMI has long used the facility for not only customers, but also to train its own service engineers and new employees with a physical installation of the entire ballast water management system. Additionally, the facility enables DESMI to further develop and test new features to the system.

CompactClean CBT

Computer Based Training

The CBT offline training tool allows you to get familiar with how to operate the DESMI Ballast water treatment system in a controlled environment on any PC – For free.

Interactive training and support tool

Smartphone app

The DESMI CompactClean App, available for Android platforms on Google Play Store, is an interactive training and support tool. Once you download the app, you can use it offline.

Global Contacts

DESMI is a global company

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