Customized Ballast Water Management Solutions

Making the right choice

Selecting a Ballast Water Management System entails much more than just selecting technology and equipment. Finding the right supplier is extremely important as long-term service and support is crucial to keeping the Ballast Water Management System operational throughout a vessel’s lifetime and compliant in both USCG- and IMO-regulated waters.


Continued support, including service and after-sales, is important for ship owners and operators. Adding to the support is extensive training for Ballast Water Management System operators, so that they can be confident in their ability to handle any given situation.

DESMI - more than an equipment supplier

At DESMI we know that selecting and installing a Ballast Water Management System is about much more than equipment supply and requires planning well in advance. Throughout the selection process DESMI delivers deep knowledge and we understand that not all type of technologies, systems etc. with their limitations and specifications will work acceptably on all vessels.


In addition, DESMI offers on-board inspection and engineering support for the installation. The projects are followed closely by one of our project managers who understand the entire process and what it takes for a successful installation and commissioning.


Ballast Water Management Systems are generally standardized equipment. It is however important to choose a supplier that has the capability as well as flexibility to assist if the installation somehow requires customization apart from the standardized equipment. In DESMI we are ready to provide customized solutions e.g. valve control, customized interfaces etc. to ensure successful projects.


Last, but not least, DESMI is a trustworthy partner with more than 185 years of history and today supplier of a range of equipment to the Marine and other markets. You can therefore count on DESMI being by your side for many years to come.

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