Why DESMI Ocean Guard?


In all aspects of our business we strive to make our customers stronger. We do this by delivering systems that are reliable and meet the increasing demands from IMO and USCG regarding ballast water discharge. And this is done with the lowest cost of ownership for the ship operator. In addition we offer worldwide support through the global DESMI organization and our partners, all the way from engineering and planning of installation of systems, to commissioning and service of systems in operation. DESMI has more than 180 years of history and therefore you can rely on us to be here for you also in the future.

The CompactClean has one of the smallest footprints ever!

It is one of the first ballast water´management systems on the market that combines very low space with large flow rates. Only 2.8 m2 / 30 sqft is necessary for a 1000 m3/h / 4403 gpm system + 0.6 m2 / 6.4 sqft for the electrical panel, which can however be placed up to 100 m / 328 ft away from the system itself. The system is based purely on mechanical treatment and therefore it does not involve any use of chemicals or active substances. This eliminates risks of hazards to crew, vessel or the environment.

  • No chemicals
  • No risk of increased corrosion
  • No hazards to crew, vessel or environment
  • No salinity limitations
  • No temperature limitations
  • Very small footprint
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance

CompactClean has no salinity or temperature limitations and is undergoing type approval to both IMO and USCG requirements at record-breaking low UV transmission values! This enables compliant performance anywhere in the world in even very dirty and challenging water conditions. This superior performance comes from the unique and patent pending shape of the UV chamber, which has been carefully developed and optimized through hundreds of state-of the-art CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations.

The RayCleanTM system is second to none in the industry. This leadership is obtained for a number of reasons:

  • Performance: The demonstrated performance of the RayCleanTM system is second to none. The system has been tested according to both IMO and USCG requirements, at USCG approved test facilities and under the supervision of accredited USCG Independent Laboratory, DNV GL. This ensures the highest level of test independence and scrutiny of all aspects of the system. The RayCleanTM system has proven its performance in all salinities (fresh, brackish, and marine water) and down to a record-level low UV-Transmission of just 33%.
  • Operational costs: Everywhere in the system we use high quality components and materials in order to ensure long lifetime and minimum need for maintenance. As an example we use highly efficient low-pressure UV lamps with a staggering lifetime of 12,000 operating hours. This means you will only have to replace the UV lamps once or twice in the lifetime of a vessel! In addition, the power consumption is extremely low, just 21 kW per 300 m3/h flow when the water is dirty and the system is running at max power. In cleaner water conditions the power consumption drops to 11 kW per 300 m3/h.
  • Safety: For us the safety is of paramount importance. Both safety for the crew, the vessel and the environment. Therefore the system utilizes or generates no chemicals or active substances. Neither for the treatment process, nor for the cleaning of the system. In addition the used low pressure UV lamps contains no liquid mercury, but just amalgam in solid form. This means that if you accidentally break a low pressure UV lamp, cleaning is simple and without any risks. In comparison the widely used medium pressure UV lamps contains mercury in liquid form, which imposes strict requirements to crew education and safety equipment in case a medium pressure UV lamp breaks.

In fact we are so convinced about the true market leadership of the RayCleanTM system that we invite you to compare the RayCleanTM system to any other system.

Choose you RayCleanTM capacity (m3/h), download the form and fill it for comparison:

100 (m3/h) 200 (m3/h) 300 (m3/h) 400 (m3/h) 500 (m3/h)
600 (m3/h) 700 (m3/h) 800 (m3/h) 900 (m3/h) 1000 (m3/h)
1100 (m3/h) 1200 (m3/h) 1300 (m3/h) 1400 (m3/h) 1500 (m3/h)
1600 (m3/h) 1700 (m3/h) 1800 (m3/h) 1900 (m3/h) 2000 (m3/h)
2100 (m3/h) 2200 (m3/h) 2300 (m3/h) 2400 (m3/h) 2500 (m3/h)
2600 (m3/h) 2700 (m3/h) 2800 (m3/h) 2900 (m3/h) 3000 (m3/h)


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