Looking for a ballast water management system that can be installed easily and without relocating other equipment? CompactClean is the answer


Unrivalled performance!: Proven effective in all water salinities and temperatures and with UV-T (UV-Transmission) as low as 0.33.
This ensures compliance with IMO and USCG under all normal operating conditions


Lowest energy consumption in class! Thanks to the use of highly efficient low pressure UV lamps the RayClean power consumption is 30 - 50% lower than systems with medium pressure UV lamps.

Thorough testing

Our systems are developed to achieve the lowest possible lifetime cost while still ensuring compliance under all normal operating conditions. This will add to your competitive edge by keeping the daily operating cost as low as possible.

Increasing your competitive edge!

Our systems are developed to achieve the lowest possible lifetime cost while still ensuring compliance under all normal operating conditions. This will add to your competitive edge by keeping the daily operating cost as low as possible.

Compact Clean

  • CompactClean

    Looking for a ballast water management system that can be installed easily and without relocating other equipment?

    CompactClean is the answer.

    •  No chemicals
    •  No risk of increased corrosion
    •  No hazards to crew, vessel or environment
    •  No salinity limitations
    •  No temperature limitations
    •  Very small footprint
    •  Easy Operation
    •  Easy Maintenance

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  • CompactClean
    One of the most compact ballast water management
    systems on the market!

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  • New System Special Features

    Smooth Port Operations

    Automatic adjustment of treatment in order to cope with extremely challenging water, avoiding alarms and interrupted port operations in dirty and challenging water conditions.

    Easy Reporting to Authorities

    Automatic generation of PDF report to authorities, documenting the performed treatment. With the IMO convention in force, vessel owners will experience increasing demands from authorities for documentation of performed ballast water management. Therefore, CompactClean features automatic generation of PDF reports that document the ballast water operations performed, including key parameters monitored during the treatment. The PDF files are automatically stored and can be transferred to a USB memory stick when inserted into the front of the electrical panel.

    Stripping Operations

    The CompactClean filter backflush pump can be used as stripping pump during stripping of ballast tanks.

  • One of the Smallest Footprints Ever!

    DESMI CompactClean system is one of the first ballast water management systems on the market that combines very low space with large flow rates. Only 2.8 sqm is necessary for a 1000 m3/h system + 0.6 sqm for the electrical panel, which can however be placed up to 100 m away from the system itself.



    The system is based purely on mechanical treatment and therefore it does not involve any use of chemicals or active substances. This eliminates risks of hazards to crew, vessel or the environment.
    First treatment step is filtration, second step is UV treatment. During de-ballasting, UV treatment is repeated, but the filtration step is skipped.

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  • UV-Transmission

    What is UV Transmission?
    UV-T is a measure of the capability of UV light to penetrate water. When the UV-T is high, close to 100%, the water is very clear and the UV light can penetrate deep into the water. On the other hand, when the UV-T is low, the water is very unclear and the UV light can only penetrate a limited distance into the water.



    The unique UV unit is designed and manufactured by DESMI. The special patent pending shape ensures the highest possible applied UV dose to all organisms in the treated water. This enables IMO and USCG compliant management under even very adverse conditions with low UV-transmission. The CompactClean UV-Unit is delivered in 6 sizes with max. flowrate from 135 m3/h to 1500 m3/h.


  • Why DESMI?

    In all aspects of our business we strive to make our customers stronger. We do this by delivering systems that are reliable and meet the increasing demands from IMO and USCG regarding ballast water discharge. And this is done with the lowest cost of ownership for the ship operator. In addition we offer worldwide support through the global DESMI organization and our partners, all the way from engineering and planning of installation of systems, to commissioning and service of systems in operation. DESMI has more than 180 years of history and within the marine market - therefore you can rely on us to be here for you also in the future.

    CompactClean On Board the Providana
    Very Small Footprint No Use of Chemicals No Salinity Limitations No Temperature Limitations

    The Providana Case

  • Lufthavnsvej 12
    DK-9400 Nørresundby
    Phone: +45 9632 8199
    CVR No.: 32295789

     In DESMI Ocean Guard we combine our experience from both operating on ship equipment and supplying to the shipbuilding industry. Our expertise is your insurance when selecting the right ballast water management system to fulfill your requirements. Test us - contact us with your inquiry and let us show what we are able to do.


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  • DESMI Ocean Guard A/S wins Fleet-wide Contract for Supply of CompactClean

    DESMI Ocean Guard A/S has won a contract for supply of CompactClean Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) to the entire fleet of Turkish shipowner MISHA Shipping. The contract includes delivery of 10 CompactClean BWMS in sizes from 340 to 750 m3/h. First system is to be delivered later in 2018.

    MISHA Shipping is a privately held Turkish company with both shipping and shipyard activities. The vessels are shallow-draft dry cargo vessels primarily designed for operations in Russian inland waters, Black Sea and Mediterranean ports, as well as a new generation of sea-river vessels optimized for navigation in Volga and Don channels and unrestricted navigation at sea. MISHA shipping went through a thorough selection process before the CompactClean system was chosen, and a recent news update on their website explains the process and why they selected the CompactClean system from DESMI Ocean Guard:
     Some of the reasons presented are:

    “Initially we have studied pros and cons between UV systems and Electro-chlorination systems and ended up with UV types which do not have any salinity or temperature limitations since our fleet sails into rivers and icy waters.”

    “Reliability of the maker: … Having more than 180 years of history, we rely on DESMI to be in the market also in the future.”

    “One of the features of DESMI’s CompactClean system that we really like is the dry-running protection backed up with a recirculation system by the backflush pump which comes standard and can also be used as a stripping pump during stripping of ballast tanks”

    Read the full press release here

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