CompactClean EX certification

Safety on board any ship - including oil, gas and chemical tankers

The CompactClean BWMS is available in an ATEX and IECEX certified version, making installation in hazardous zones on board oil, chemical or gas tankers possible.

The EX certification notation is:


Ex II 2G Ex IIB T4 Gb
and is based on the following components:


  • UV sensor: Ex ia
  • Valves: Ex d
  • Temperature: Ex ia
  • Motors: Ex d
  • Pressure: Ex ia
  • UV lamp assembly: Ex d
  • Water level: Ex ia
  • Pumps (mechanical ATEX approval)
  • Junction Box: Ex d
  • Flow meter: Ex d ia [ia]


DESMI guarantees a distance of up to 100 m / 328 ft. between the main panel and the Ballast Water Management System.

  • The smallest footprint in industry
  • Only system in the world with integrated stripping solution
  • Filter and UV unit in seawater resistant Nickel-Alu-Bronze
  • Automatic flow control and lamp dimming
  • Worldwide service network
  • Fully automated operation
  • 2 hours’ holding time on USCG TA Certificate
  • IMO type approval according to the new BWMS code from IMO
  • Graphic HMI touchscreen interface
  • Automatic generation of PDF reports to authorities
  • Short delivery time
  • Easy maintenance
  • No salinity or temperature limitations
  • Down to UV Transmission of just 42% - Also in US Territory!
  • 100% chemical free treatment

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