January 2017

New OptiClean™ project with shipowner Jens & Waller

After a very successful SMM exhibition DESMI Ocean Guard is now hard at work with the first OptiClean™ project. The contract was signed with the German shipowner Jens & Waller, and the OptiClean™ concept will be installed on a 1000 TEU container feeder.

The OptiClean™ concept includes both installation of DESMI’s IMO approved RayClean™ ballast water treatment system (BWTS), and the proven OptiSave™ energy saving system. In combination the OptiClean™ concept provides larger energy savings with the OptiSave™ system than what is consumed by the RayClean™ BWTS during one year of operation, yielding a net energy saving to the owner despite treating all ballast water in compliance with the IMO convention.

This makes OptiClean™ the world’s only energy saving ballast water treatment concept.


The RayCleanTM system on the Jens & Waller container feeder will be installed in a 20” container to be placed in the bottom of the cargo hold adjacent to the engine room. This means the installation of the RayCleanTM system can be done by simple pipe work in the engine room with a bulkhead penetration at the location of the 20” container. The RayCleanTM system in  the 20” container will be delivered fully operational and after connecting pipes and supplying power the system is ready for operation. The retrofit of the OptiCleanTM concept can thus be fully done while the vessel is in normal operation.