August 2009

New strategic Partnership to boost protection of local maritime eco systems

A.P. Moller - Maersk, Skjølstrup & Grønborg (UltraAqua) and DESMI are pleased to announce the establishment of DESMI Ocean Guard A/S - a company specializing in Ballast Water Treatment Systems, which will reduce pollution of fragile local mari-time eco-systems.

The new company is a result of cooperation between the partners on a concept for a new Ballast Water Treatment System, which meets the International Maritime Or-ganisation’s International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments. It also takes the expected US Ballast Water Regula-tions into consideration.

The IMO convention requires vessels to clean their ballast water to prevent the transfer of micro-organisms from one ocean to another via ballast water which is hazard-ous for local maritime eco-systems. The convention has to be implemented on all commercial vessels by 2016 at the latest, depending on vessel type.


“We have been able to combine our knowledge of ship technology, water treatment in large scale, and pumping technology which has now resulted in a unique and very sophisticated concept based on proven technology. A clear advantage of our system is that it does not use any type of chemicals, which means there is no pollution as a result of the ballast water treatment,” says Christian Ingvorsen, CEO of DESMI Ocean Guard A/S.  “Secondly, the system uses very little energy, which makes it an attractive solution both economically and environmentally,” says Mr. Ingvorsen, adding that having a reliable, powerful and still low power consumption system based on well-proven components is considered as an important factor for becoming one of the key players in the market for Ballast Water Treatment Systems.


Features of our Ballast Water Treatment Systems:

- Powerful and still low power consumption 
 - Meet the requirements from IMO and the expected US Ballast Water Regulations 
 - Introduces no corrosive remains at all into the ballast tanks of the ship 
 - Easy to install and use and with low maintenance costs   
 - No chemicals or environmentally harmful substances are discharged to the oceans when the ship is de-ballasting


The concept has been tested at an acknowledged leading institute, and the results show that DESMI Ocean Guard A/S has a unique concept ensuring that even ex-treme ballast water conditions can be handled. Innovation based on proven technol-ogy is the keyword for the new company.


DESMI Ocean Guard A/S is in the process of patenting the concept, which will also be subject to an IMO certification process.