CompactClean for Navy Ships

DESMI manufactures Ballast Water Management Systems in a shock rated design, to withstand shock and vibrations, according to Naval standards.

The name of the system is CompactClean, and it is the most compact BWMS on the market which combines very low space with large flow rates.

UV based system

Purely mechanical treatment

The operation of the system is based purely on mechanical treatment, through an automated backflush UV unit in nickel-Alu-bronze. Therefore the operation of the CompactClean system does not involve use of any chemicals or active substances

CompactClean 135

CompactClean for Navy vessels

CompactClean has no salinity or temperature limitations. The CompactClean BWMS is type approved in accordance with USCG and the IMO BWMS system code (also referred to as the revised G8) and can be classed from various classification societies.

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